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Ageless Blog Entry For Shop Heartbreaker Online

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Ageless.  What does that mean to you?  Does it conjure up images of beauty cream, plastic surgery or that great celebrity that never seems to get any older?  Besides, what is a clothing store doing even talking about age?

Ageless.  We have been very fortunate that our customers find our clothing to be ageless.  Our youngest customers are in their pre-teens and our oldest are in their 80's!  We strive very hard to find things to work for all ages sized 0-15.  During the back to school season, we had one mom say " There is no where else I can go where both my daughter and I can buy clothes at the same store except Target which is not as fun!" 

Ageless. We believe that age is just a number and if it looks good and you feel good, wear it!  Yes, there are clothing items that I have given up now due to age (crop tops and short shorts!) but for the most part I still feel younger. I dress for my body type and not my age.

Ageless. Tank tops.  Leggings. T-shirts. Cardigans.  These are basic items we have all the time that stand the test of time and are truly ageless.  Looks great on someone in their 20's or their 50's.

Ageless.  Great clothing at great prices.  Saving money has no age limit!

So if you thought that we are a store just for teenagers or you remember shopping here with you daughter when she was in high school, we would love you to give us a try and find your ageless look. 

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