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Graphic Tees Part 1 Blog Entry For Shop Heartbreaker Online

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Graphic print t-shirts get me everytime!  I love them!  They are fun and easy to wear, go great with solids or prints plus say something that I love.  We just got a bunch of them in from new companies!  They are all small businesses with unique stories that we will share one by one.  Plus these are all exclusive to just us in this zipcode!  You won't see yourself coming and going everywhere.

The first one is The Awesome Company! 

The Awesome Company is Columbus, Ohio, based design and print studio dedicated to employing adults with autism. It was founded with a simple, powerful idea: awesome is everywhere. They celebrate what makes everyone unique in their own awesome way - that’s why their team is made up of all kinds of people. Together as a team, they make sure that every order placed is designed to perfection, made with care, packed with attention to detail, and sent to you with their happiest thoughts.

Short sleeve Love Is Awesome t-shirt!  Sized xs-xl.  $24.  Available in store.

Short sleeve Naps Are Awesome t-shirt!  Sized xs-sl.  $24.  Available in store.

Short sleeve Kindness Is Awesome t-shirt.  Sized xs-xl.  $24.  Available in store.

Short sleeve Today Is Awesome t-shirt.  Sized xs-xl.  $24.  Available in store.

We hope you find these as awesome as we do!  Oh and by the way, come in, we're awesome!

---------5637-39  Manitou Road, Tonka Bay, MN  55331--952-474-5690----------


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